The old phrase "sport needs media" is about to be flipped. Currently, there are more than 500 million sports fans actively using Tablets and Smartphones to watch live sport. These fans are also utilising the internet, TV and social media for the same purpose.

This change in behaviour has launched a new fan-centric era, offering Rights-Owners the opportunity to take back more control and gather their own income from subscriptions, sponsorship and advertising. We help the Rights-Owners take advantage of this opportunity.

We have set our focus on the improvement and growth of the sports insights market. We are creating an online solution that offers a multitude of sports to sports fans. With our simplistic one-touch service, sports fans are able to switch from one sport event to another, like never before. We are delivering the type of content that users want, when they want. We believe there's never been a more exciting time to be working in this industry than right now!

Know your Fan! Our service connects Sponsors, Rights-Owners and End-Users unlike any other currently on the market. Our exceptional 24/7 environment gives users access to sports insights that are live and up-to-the-minute. We also offer Rights-Owners valuable insights on the fans that use the service. To put it simply, we help Rights-Owners to increase the value of their sports.

Illuminated Rocks, founded in May 2014.

Our team consists of five experienced talents, all with a passion for sports following, simplicity, innovation, insights and growth in business. Together we have complimenting knowledge of sales and marketing in the media industry, design and branding, business and strategy development in international business, development of innovative technologies, media psychology and data science research, and also software/hardware engineering.